Things to Do

Whether you're traveling to Greece for the history, the culture or the beach, you'll find what you're looking for on a cruise. Most trips stop in the capital, Athens, and time is well spent touring the Acropolis, taking in the full array of history at the National Archaeological Museum or enjoying the character of the city. Athens hosted the Summer Olympics in 2004, and the public transit system was revamped for the occasion.

Besides marveling at the relics of the past, there's plenty of culture to experience in the present. In the tavernas of Greece you can sample traditional dishes such as moussaka, fried eggplant layered with tomatoes and minced meat and covered with a creamy bechamel sauce. The mild climate allows for an extended growing season, and tomatoes, grapes, cherries, apricots, lettuce and garlic mature outdoors under the sun.

Greece is also a wonderful place to soak up the sun. In Santorini black-sand beaches meet crystalline waters, while whitewashed villages dot the background. Volcanic eruptions are responsible for the colorful soil, like the Red Sand Beach. There are plenty of places to put up your feet and relax in the sun.

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